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Paul Sutherland was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1947, and arrived in the UK in 1973. He is the founder of Dream Catcher, an international literary journal, currently 38 volumes, and his own writing has appeared in countless anthologies, newspapers and periodicals.


Paul has published eight collections of his poetry since 1970, including Seven Earth Odes (Endpapers Press, 2004) and Spires and Minarets (Sunk Island, 2010). His eighth collection, Journeying, was published by Valley Press in October 2012. A monumental New and Selected Poems, also from Valley Press, including highlights from forty-five years of writing, was released in November 2017.


He has an MA in English Literature from the University of York and became both a Sufi Muslim and freelance writer in 2004. He lives with his wife in Lincolnshire.

and some open gate's
four-rung shadow leans
against dry-stone wall

from Spring Jottings For Grandpa

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