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‘This is serious poetry, often reflecting on the frailties of close relationships, yet in his quest to define these fragilities Sutherland shows us his strength not only of character but of his lyrical writing quality. Highly recommended.’

Antony Owen, Morning Star

‘Paul Abdul Wadud Sutherland makes a poetry of contradiction: psychological and intellectual inquiry are matched by a ready emotional depth; epic and intimate scales overlap; it’s homeless and historically rooted; free and exact.’

Ian Duhig

‘Haunting, elegant and deeply spiritual, a rare treat, full of imagery, pathos, loss, humour and triumph, somewhere between music and prose.’

Magdalena Chavez


‘This is a superb sequence of poems. They have wonderful economy and stillness.’

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, on ‘Holy Week Sequence’

‘A splendidly sustained contemplative quality.’

Sam Gardiner

between thunder-shocks

my dripping shifty shadow

is a missing friend.

from Thunder Afternoon during Ramadan

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