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servant of the loving one cover Paul Sutherland.jpeg

"...Imbued with an indelible love and longing for his Shaykh [...] for his loved ones and ultimately for the divine."

Muhammad cover-page-001.jpg

British-Canadian poet
Paul Abdul Wadud Sutherland reflects on some aspects of the greatness of the Holy Prophet (s)

Amoretti Poems.jpg

A modern cycle of twelve-line poems on a similar theme to "Amoretti" by Edmund Spencer, from the sixteenth century. 

children's routes and red streamers.jpg

Readers' high expectations will not be disappointed, immersive work aims an observant eye at the legacy that children inherit from previous generations. 

new sufi novice cover paul sutherland.jpg

These pieces impart a stirring impression of the encounter between the would-be novice and his master

New & Selected Poems.jpg

This monumental new book includes significant pieces from the 1970s onwards, along with new and unpublished works.

Journeying New.png

This book... may be the most important, fully-realised work of the poet’s long and illustrious career.

In its second print run with a new cover.

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