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When you read
these words that you can
that I can't, remember
the hooting of a stone train,
my shaking snow-grass.

from Intriguing Farrah

"Paul Sutherland makes a poetry of contradiction: psychological and intellectual inquiry are matched by a ready emotional depth; epic and intimate scales overlap; it’s homeless and historically rooted, free and exact."

Ian Duhig

"Paul Sutherland is a poet who evokes so well the perspective of the foreign traveller who has eventually settled, almost without realizing it, in a land thousands of miles from his own. Paul’s compelling way of telling stories in poetry opens the door widely and generously to the humanity of his world, which as we read on, becomes ours."

Ian Seed

"Paul Sutherland's masterful ability to travel between the abstract, almost philosophical layers of thinking and the very concrete, earth-like reminiscences, is something any reader will find fascinating."

Mario Susko

"Sutherland’s subject matter and moods are constantly moving in totally unpredictable directions, evoking the mystery which lies, after all, at the heart of all poetic creation."

Richard Lance Keeble

"The poems are a beautiful evocation of landscape and longing. There is a great sadness in them, a feeling of an exile from a place that had once been home, but also a sense of alienation from a place which is now home. They capture beautifully the need to return and the knowledge that you never can... a superb collection."

Karen Maitland

"This is serious poetry, often reflecting on the frailties of close relationships, yet in his quest to define these fragilities Sutherland shows us his strength not only of character but of his lyrical writing quality."

Anthony Owen

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