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Poetry Readings & Talks

Song For The EndLisa Sharon Khodjet-Kesba
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Servant of the Loving One

–  Tea Over Books at  Cambridge Muslim College

"Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad speaks to Paul Abdul Wudud Sutherland, a weather-beaten old soul who came to Islam in 2004."


His book, "Servant of the Loving One", is a compelling read, is imbued in an indelible love and longing for his Shaykh who passed away in May 2014, for his loved ones and ultimately for the divine. This fascinating work, which is comprised of poetry and prose, reveals Sutherland’s subtle encounters with his Shaykh, the late Naqhshbandi spiritual master, may Allah bless him.

Dancing Words: Reflections on Divine Poetry

Speaking at Cambridge Muslim College about sacred poetry from different literary traditions, from East to West.

"In this captivating talk, Sutherland interprets and connects select works from the Psalms, Daoist Poetry and Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat, and explains how they spoke to him as he found his way to the Truth." - CMC

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