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Children's Route & Red Streamers

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

See a new collection of mine, Children's Route and Red Streamers contains work relating to a wide range of childhood themes. link…/childrens-routes-and-red-stre…/ CHAFFINCHPRESS.COM Children's Routes and Red Streamers.| Chaffinch Press Comments include: Paul Sutherland is a much read and respected poet as well as a workshop leader. Many of the poems in this collection have appeared in noted literary magazines and the final series in the book was previously published as a stand-alone work. Readers of Sutherland's work will have high expectations of this collection and they will not be disappointed. Children’s Routes and Red Streamers is an immersive work that aims an observant eye at the legacy that children inherit from previous generations. The work is a reflection of both personal experience and a philosophical world view. Children's Routes and Red Streamers.| Chaffinch Press

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